FOTS 005 @upsidedowntrash and the chicken sandwich dilemma

Friends of the Show Episode 005 with @upsidedowntrash AKA Penjamin AKA WILL

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“I wonder if there’s beer on the sun.” -Zap Rowsdower, “The Final Sacrifice” (1990)

Penjamin (@upsidedowntrash) also known as Will, is one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve met through Twitter. Some of his wildly successful tweets are just the best, and he has managed to find fun and unique ways to keep twitter interesting. He took a hiatus and the community missed him too much and demanded that he return. Now he’s back and better than ever, ladies and gentleman, welcome our very favourite space raccoon, WILL!


Get to know Will: Origin of the name Penjamin

Story: “Chicken Sandwich Dilemma” Will shares a time when he was faced with the ultimate decision, and makes a bold, unpredictable choice.

Will’s favourite @upsidedowntrash Tweets:

Will’s fave tweets from others:
From the lovely and talented Sky

I must add here, Will and Sky are a great Twitter team, they sometimes run contests and even alt accounts!

From the inimitable @buttsword who is a bird

and from future friend of the show Mark Magark @Markedly this is one of my faves of all time too

Other things Will is doing on twitter:

Music Thread is awesome – also available as a spotify playlist right from the tweet link here

Saves the Day, Brand New, Get Up Kids, Flaming Lips, Moneen,

We discuss friendly back n forth with twitter celebs like Mark Hoppus and Lin Manuel Miranda, names are dropped.

I think its nuts First Day at Hotel California didn’t make it on the list

Q’s for WILL FROM TWITTER: Broke the record for most questions asked but you’re only the fourth guest so that’s not too huge.

From our pal Mark Magark @markedly check out his new podcast, Making Friends with Mark Magark @MagarkPod on Twitter – Will do you know anything about this podcast? WILL DID THE ARTWORK for the podcast because he is multi talented.
He asks:

Our pal The Hype (@thehyyype) asks

Pale Space Rider @truegritrumble asks:

From the aforementioned Spacegirl Incognito @iamspacegirl

From Space Cat! The very nice and funny Sarah @catstronomical


From our very own Wilde Beest friend @flashember

Dean Thomson asks @deanjthompson

Now the fun ones:
From Friend of the Show @jessokfine

UPDATE (Watch the entire thread):

From our pal Todd @TheToddWilliams

from Dorsal Stream RM:

From Danny @dundlewood

From Abe M BEe @dubiousrhetoric

From our pal Ally Gator @notacroc

Thank you everyone for your questions!!

Thanks Will!!