FOTS 006 @Markedly and the predictive text experiment

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Mark Magark

“I’m not anti-social. I’m just not social.” – Woody Allen

MY guest this week is the very nice and incredibly funny Mark Magark @markedly on Twitter, I am thrilled to have him as one of my first guests- I have known Mark online for a little while now, and wouldn’t you know it- in a lovely coincidence, Mark has started his own podcast that is a lovely companion to this one, so if you’re a fan of listening to funny and interesting people talk, definitely check out ‘Making Friends with Mark Magark’ @MagarkPod on Twitter, in case you missed it on the show I am mentioning it here. I also have to mention that it does get mentioned during the show.

This is actually part 1/2 in an epic cross over episode – listen to Part 2 on Making Friends with Mark Magark

Mark’s story simply titled “A Time I couldn’t Stop Laughing” which involves Texting and Predictive text technology that ends up knowing more about you than it should, some good laughs for everyone involved. Try it yourself and send the results to @Markedly and @SkinnerSteven and don’t forget to mention @FOTSPod!

Mark’s Tweets

I Made Mark choose three tweets from 4,000 tweets he could have chosen, apologies to those not selected.

From Frequent Friend of the Show Mentionee SpaceGirl Incognito @IamSpaceGirl

From Audrey Farnsworth @Audipenny

From Jon, @Senderblock23

Great Picks My MAn!

Now some questions solicited via Twitter

From future Friend of the Show guest @Malt_Skull

From other friend guy NoKids3Money

From JOSH @McDougishole

From Friend of the Show @Bexdora

and Finally from Ponk

SIDEKICKERY – *checks cue card* Says here- that you have an affinity for sidekicks and you think you’d be well suited for “sidekickery”, so let’s talk about that, a desire to be a second fiddle? Let’s really dive deep on this one.

“I want to talk about my affinity for sidekicks. My personality is pretty well suited for sidekickery, and my tastes seem to reveal that. When I was a kid, I didn’t care much about Batman, but I was obsessed with Robin–he was the relatable one. I identify more with David Spade than Chris Farley. I’m just not very comfortable being the center of attention, but I love to observe and chime in with wry comments. I’m a supporting character.” – Mark Magark

We use this time to talk about shyness, social anxiety, and introversion, which are major obstacles in my life.”

Mark Closes with the Sara Barnard Quote:

“Lots of people are shy. Shy is normal. A bit of anxiety is normal. Throw the two together, add some brain-signal error – a NO ENTRY sign on the neural highway from my brain to my mouth perhaps, though no one really knows – and you have me.” -Sara Barnard, A Quiet Kind of Thunder

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Thank you SO MUCH to Mark for joining me this week

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