FOTS 010 @Home_Halfway died (but he is okay now)

Friends of the Show Podcast Episode 010 with Michael @Home_Halfway


Michael AKA @Home_Halfway on Twitter is a HUGELY popular account with over 50K followers! So I really appreciate him slumming it with some of us smaller joke twitter accounts. I have got to know him more recently in some DM rooms, one that he very graciously invited me into, with several very nice folks.
but I have always known about Home_Halfway account on Twitter, just one of those huge accounts that’s always been popular. turns out that’s Michael – a very nice fellow who loves promoting others within the Twitter community, and that’s just nice.

“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.” ~ Britney Spears

Michael is from Chicago, Illinois, USA- home of The Bulls Dynasty, Gang violence, a good Improv and Stand up scene, hot dogs, pizza, Oprah.

STORY: “Hey, I Died Once” Michael shares with us the time he had experimental surgery gone wrong, where he died for a few minutes and came back to fall into a coma and pull through!

TWEETS by Michael

Michael picks his favourite Tweets by Others:

From cool Twitter user Ted Travelstead @trumpetcake

From Jessica Fox @hellojessicafox

From Max Dylan Ash @mynameisntdave

Questions from Twitter:

From Friend of the Show @Malt_Skull

From the aforementioned Jessica Fox @hellojessicafox

From NOT Neil Degrasse Tyson

From Friend of the Show Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From Friend of the Show Todd Williams @TheToddWilliams

From our favourite question asker- Space Cat @catstronomical

Thank you Michael for joining me this week!