FOTS 012 @JeffDSilva: Calgary’s Coolest Dad


Friends of the Show Podcast Episode 012 with Jeff D’Silva @JeffDSilva

Jeff D’Silva!

“A good stand-up, you lead the audience. You don’t kowtow to the audience. Sometimes the audience is wrong. I always think the audience is wrong.” – Zach Galifinakis

I have known Jeff online for many years, we started following each other way back in 2012, real OG twitter pal, we met through some mutual comedy acquaintances, and I am so happy to have him on the show this week. Some things about Jeff, he is very funny, has performed stand up comedy and if I am not mistaken, even interned at the show of Conan O Brien crazy cool guy, welcome to JEff!

Jeff’s Story: “How I got my dad bod in 8 steps or less”

Jeff’s Favourite Tweets:

and this is his favourite:

Jeff’s favourites from others:

Questions from Calgary’s best twitter friends:

From Catstronomical a re-use question

Jeff’s Special Shoutout: “Shoutout to my OJ fidget spinner t-shirt on society 6 uhhhh and my buddy Ryan Kukec!”

Thank you so much to Jeff for joining us this week!

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