FOTS 017 @yerpalmildsauce PhD in King Cake Baby

Yer pal mild sauce

Friends of the Show seventeen with @yerpalmildsauce

Sauce is a PhD holding twitter user who tweets about all kinds of things, most notably Arby’s and King Cake Baby, an insane looking sports mascot.

“Rhetoric is love, and it must speak a commodious language, creating a world full of space and time that will hold our diversities.” – Jim Corder, a scholar of rhetoric and writing, from his 1985 essay “Argument as Emergence, Rhetoric as Love:”

Story – “Youth Group Camping Trip From Hell.”

Sauce’s Tweets

Sauces Picks

From Australian Twitter User Sam AKA FAT MAN

From Hilarious Twitter user Tara Shoe

From Botandy


From pal Druuck – everyone send some good thoughts his way and follow him @druuuck

From last weeks guest Eli @Proxic0n – check out his YouTube page too!

Sauce Recommends

BOOK: Richard Miller, Writing at the End of the World. YPMS sez: “A profoundly moving exploration of the value of literacy and learning in an age of unremitting crisis.” HERE

MOVIE: Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire. YPMS sez: “A movie that beautifully depicts loneliness and isolation and yet never quite succumbs to despair.” HERE

ITEM: HeadBlade MOTO Razor by HeadBlade. YPMS sez: “The only razor I trust on my head.” HERE

Thank you so much to Sauce for joining me this week!