FOTS 020 @TheTimmyToes and the Burrito Song

Friends of the Show Episode 20 with @TheTimmyToes

The Timmy Toes

“You face forward, or you face the possibility of shock and damage!” – Brodie Bruce (Mallrats, 1995)

Timmy’s one of my very good pals I have met thru Twitter and I am very excited to have him on the show after much begging and pleading and harangueing. Timmy is comin’ at us from the SouthWest USA I’m talkin’ texas baby! Yee Haw!

Tell us about Texas

Timmy’s Story: PICK ONE
The time I refereed a kid’s 3-on-3 hockey tournament with 4-time Stanley Cup champion Chris Kunitz
The time I outran the cops in my used, stock 1999 Honda Civic

Timmy’s Tweets:

Timmy’s Picks:
From The Nate Wolf!

From ElleOhHell

From SomeCleverThing

Questions from Twitter:

From friend of the show Mike Bigby @MikeBigby

From one of my favourite people, very first friend of the show and just the best, JESS!

From last week’s friend of the show Abby

From Friend of the show Gwen Lawson @MsGwenL

Finally, From PieceZilla

Wrap Up:

The Burrito Song!

Thanks to Timmy for joining me this week!