FOTS 25 @FlaccidUmbrella loves Pringles


Friends of the Show Episode 25 with Eddie @FlaccidUmbrella

“You’re born naked and the rest is drag” – RuPaul

Eddie and I met through another podcast, the BT140 podcast, now retired. We had been added to the DM room with the BT140 community and became pals through that. Eddie is currently living in The DR of Congo! Very cool! He is a funny and nice person who also has a great eye for artistic pictures, check out his instagram @monokhrome_

Eddie’s Tweets

Eddie’s Picks
From Friend of the Show and host of Making Friends Podcast – Mark Ma-fricken-gark!

From Liz!

From Brent

Questions from Twitter
From Lord Goomba – the obscure gentleman himself!

From Kris

From xtine

From Guy Incognito

From LOS!

From Isabel

Thanks so much to Eddie for joining me this week!