FOTS 36 @LeBearGirdle Penguin Pal

Friends of the Show Episode 36 with Brandan @LeBearGirdle

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” -Steve Martin

Brandan is a very funny and nice twitter jokester, he has created some of the funniest tweets in recent memory and if you listened to the Hoppers episode you heard us read one of those tweets. Very happy to have him on the progrum this week!

Brandan’s Story: 3 Chickens and a Morning Surprise

Talkin’ Twitter

Brandan’s Tweet:

My Pick:


Brandan’s Picks:

Questions from Twitter:

Teeth Related Questions:

Bonus Question from last week’s friend @SteveVSNinjas: “If you could go anyplace and live there for ONE YEAR, where would that be and why”

Now what’s YOUR Question for Next week’s guest?

WRAP UP: Penguin Chat!

FOTS 33 @FrogAvalanche the absentminded rascal

Friends of the Show Episode 33 with Hoppers @FrogAvalanche

“—Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
Yours arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
Looking into the heart of light, the silence.”
– T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land

This week’s friend is a delightful Aussie from the land down under I’m talking of course about Hoppers @FrogAvalanche. IF you don’t know he is one of the super OG original nice twitter accounts, where he ran a long running ‘Twitter feature’ series, promoting all kinds of great accounts, once a week, for so so long!

Australia Chat

Hoppers Stories:
-Walked home from work (I live close 3km away) and saw my car wasn’t in my drive-way. Thought it had been stolen. Goes to call police. Remembered I’d driven to work that morning.
-Turned up to work in two different shoes. Two different colours, brown and black.
-Called in sick on a day I was not scheduled to work.
-Ive gone to the wrong cinema on the wrong day to see the wrong film.
-The first person I followed on Twitter, followed me back after six months. Then deactivated forever two weeks later.
-Was challenged to become a vegetarian for a month. Chipped a tooth on my first meal (some nuts). Quit it immediately.
-Drove all the way across Australia, only to realise when I was setting to return back a week later that I didn’t have enough money to do so.
-Went to Green Bay to see the Packers. On a week they were in Buffalo.
-While in Milwaukee being sad about not seeing the Packers, I did laundry at a laundrette. And forgot to check pockets or the whereabouts of my passport. Washed my passport. Had to cancel all my holiday to get to LA for the Australian Embassy.
-Took five days to replace the passport because I had to get my ID flown over. Moped in LA drinking beer and writing mopey postcards.
-The plane flying me home, finally, got damaged docking – another three day delay.
-Hired a car in Arizona, and promised myself to drive well on the 600 mile journey. Got pulled over by a cop in 2 miles for an illegal u-turn. Got so stressed after that, I got lock-jaw after 100 miles because clenching teeth. Teeth!

Hopp’s Tweets:

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Questions from Twitter
From lovely Friend of the Show BEX

From FOTS TOM – check out INTERESTED in music PODCAST @InterestedPod

From FOTS @notabeanie

From FOTS Malt_Skull

From FOTS Andrew Nadeau

From last week’s guest @FeelingEuphoric Rads

From Soo Zee


Question from Cat – have you ever met Darren Hayes from Savage Garden?

Thanks so much to Hoppers for joining me this week!

FOTS 29 @maisonshouting and badass needlepoint

Friends of the Show episode 29 with Maison Piedfort @Maisonshouting

“I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.” — Daniel Hillel

Maison is a talented and funny writer and artist, dabbling in many forms of media and doing lots of very fun things, you can check out all her writing and what not at very cool needlepoint things too! Obliged to mention she was also a guest on Making Friends with Mark Magark check it out!

Maison’s Story – That time a hot doctor gave me a surprise pelvic exam.

Maison’s Tweets

Maison’s Picks

Questions from Twitter

Check out Maisons needlepoint Etsy Store

Shoutout to @catstronomical and check out her episode of the podcast!

Thanks so much to Maison for joining me this week!

FOTS 013 @sarahjoyshockey loves wrestling

Friends of the Show with Sarah Joy Shockey

Friends of the Show Episode 013 with @sarahjoyshockey

“To breathe and know you are alive is wonderful. Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nat Han

My Friend this week is Sarah Joy Shockey! Truly one of the most delightful people I have encountered on Twitter. She DOES IT ALL! Sarah Writes stories, performs comedy, co-hosts Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling, makes little drawings that are great.

Check out her Podcast! She did the theme music which is great! IS there anything she can’t do?! @MartySarahPod on Twitter.

Check out her writing on Medium

I love her cue card art stories, I recommend this one, called Silence

Sarah’s story is gonna be a tearjerker with the title “Sad By The Water”

Sarah’s favourite Tweets

Sarahs picks

From the OFT mentioned Sky @iamspacegirl

From Hilarious Cullen Crawford

From Comedian Mark Agee


From our pal Nick – please check out the drawing he did of Friend of the show Travis

From Nick again

From FOTS Alumni Gwen Lawson

From FOTS Alumni Malt_Skull

From Friend of the Show Timmy

Thank you everyone who submitted questions and please follow @FOTSPod on Twitter and have your question read on a future show.

PRO WRESTLING SEGMENT! Steve and Sarah Wrestled (simulation) and we have a clip of the commentary.

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Read her writing on Medium

and check out her Podcast Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling on iTunes
@martysarahpod on twitter and Instagram AND

FOTS 011 the great @trojansauce robbery

Friends of the Show Episode 011 Tom @trojansauce


“It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but we’ll do it anyway cause we love a bit of trouble” – Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys, “Balaclava”)

Tom is @trojansauce on twitter

Tom is one of the funniest dudes on Twitter, also, he has a gruff and mean persona online, but I found out that he is really a nice guy after all. We talk about having fun on Twitter, the time Tom wrote a novel for his Dad, and he reads an excerpt from some of his writing!

GET TOM’S E-BOOK HERE: The Murder of Jed Lombardo

Tom’s Story: “Robbery” or as some English people call it: “Blagging”

Tom’s Favourite @trojansauce Tweets

Tom’s Favourite other people Tweets

Questions from Twitter

And of COURSE the FINAL Question comes from none other than Mike Bigby @MikeBigby

He asks: “Tom will you do me the honour of meeting up with me for a beer?” Tune in to see what Tom says!

Also, we get to the bottom of the Mike Bigby feud.

WOW Thanks for all your questions please follow @FOTSPod on twitter to send a question to a future guest!

WRAP UP – TOM is an author and will perform a piece and we shall discuss.

GET TOM’S BOOK HERE: The Murder of Jed Lombardo

OR Tom really wants to talk about this band and his tattoo, so go on tell us then.

Also – I made up a way to sound like you’re doing an english insult. Any synonym for ‘complete’ and any inanimate object, preferably two syllables each.

ie. complete, utter, absolute, outright, total, wholesale, straight out
object: puddle, mouse pad, dishrag, lamppost, object, mop, shoe lace

Shoutouts to @Dave_Cactus, @RockyMomax, @Markedly and @MagarkPod, @TheToddWilliams,

FOTS 003 @Prof_Hinkley will just floss tomorrow

(EPISODE 003 of the Friends of the Show Podcast)

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“Don’t Mistake Activity for Achievement.” – John Wooden

Hello! Welcome to episode three, the third episode with my guest Travis AKA @Prof_Hinkley on Twitter!

I am very happy to have Travis on this week’s show, he is without a doubt one of the most interesting people I know online. We have a very nice chat about fun stuff on Twitter and he tells some fun tales and isn’t afraid to mix it up with some light razzing of his friends.

Travis’ Four Stories
Getting my car intentionally run into by crazy lady at school
Trying to outrun the sheriff on motorcycle
Meeting my wife and having both kids born during the song Days go by

Travis’ Favourite @Prof_Hinkley Tweets

Travis Favourite Tweets:
From @David8Hughes

From Kyle McDowell86

From Dan Obrien

We asked Twitter to give us some questions and boy did Twitter do that

From our good pal Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From our good friend Annie Bean @notabeanie

From our first episode’s guest @jessokfine Hi Jess!

A Floss thing – care to explain before we get into these? Travis tweeted “I’ll just floss tomorrow” every day for a long, long time.

I saved this question to the end because it will take some explaining:

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AND WATCH: These People

Thanks to Travis @Prof_Hinkley for joining me this week!

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Thank YOU for listening!