FOTS 40 @Ygrene has Energy

Friends of the Show Episode 40 with @Ygrene!

“Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur and also a bad guy in the Steven Segal classic Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Bad Guy – Travis Dane played by Eric Bogosian)

Billy is one of the funniest and also nicest folks who do jokes on Twitter, he is beloved in many circles and I am very lucky to have him join me this week!

Story: National Lampoon’s Costa Rican vacation

Tweets of Billy!

My Pick:

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From FOTS @LeBearGirdle

From FOTS Kevin

From Ally

From Tom

From Will

From MattMc

From D Duh

FOTS 34 @IsabelZawtun Fashionably fun

Friends of the Show Episode 34 with Isabel @IsabelZawtun

“No me dejen morir así, digan que dije algo” – Pancho Villa
(Do not let me die like this. Tell them I said something.)

Very interesting and cool life story so far
Cool Artwork and drawing tweets
Badboy_Bacon @Badboy_Bacon @Markydoodoo
Cool fashion n comedy – ‘Hack Couture’ show in Toronto
Check out her NEW BOOK Kafka For Children

Isabel’s Story: “My First Kiss; or, How To Deal with Blackmail”
when I was in kindergarten I kissed a boy then immediately regretted it (as one does) and years later he tried to use that dark secret against me

Isabel’s Tweets:

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Link to Isabel’s Redbubble page: check it out!

FOTS 31 @NamestartswithZ and the Torn conspiracy

Friends of the show Episode 31 with Zach @NamestartswithZ

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” -Charles Schulz

Zach is a very cool young fun dude who does funny tweets online and is a good guy! I am very happy to have him joining me this week.

Zach’s Story: The Teleporting Russian Sketch Artist

Zach’s Tweet


Zach’s Picks:



Questions from Twitter

Neighbor Ron Segment!

NEW! MYSTERY SEGMENT: The TRUE Meaning behind Natalie Imbruglia’s song ‘Torn’

And that’s what’s going on

Thanks so much to Zach for joining me this week!

FOTS 26 @sug_knight and the Backstreet Boys

Friends of the Show Episode 26 with Allison @sug_knight!

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Allison is one of the cool kids on twitter, very funny and very cool, doing memes and jokes, having fun online- all the good things on Twitter and none of the bad things! She also hosts a podcast ‘Cracking open a cold case’ – everyone check it out!

Allison’s story – “I am from Utah born and raised, grew up in a really religious environment and then branched out to extremely opposite has had a more profound impact on my life than one would expect.”

sug tweets

Other’s Tweets

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From FOTS Tom @trojansauce – be sure to check out his podcast about music!

From Marc

From Zach @namestartswithZ

and finally, from Joel Krass

Wrap up:

Check out Allison’s Podcast Cracking Open a Cold Case

And be sure to follow her on Twitter

Thanks so much to Allison for joining me today!

FOTS 25 @FlaccidUmbrella loves Pringles

Friends of the Show Episode 25 with Eddie @FlaccidUmbrella

“You’re born naked and the rest is drag” – RuPaul

Eddie and I met through another podcast, the BT140 podcast, now retired. We had been added to the DM room with the BT140 community and became pals through that. Eddie is currently living in The DR of Congo! Very cool! He is a funny and nice person who also has a great eye for artistic pictures, check out his instagram @monokhrome_

Eddie’s Tweets

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From Friend of the Show and host of Making Friends Podcast – Mark Ma-fricken-gark!

From Liz!

From Brent

Questions from Twitter
From Lord Goomba – the obscure gentleman himself!

From Kris

From xtine

From Guy Incognito

From LOS!

From Isabel

Thanks so much to Eddie for joining me this week!

FOTS 024 @OneTrickTofani loves Korn

FOTS 24 with Nick @OneTrickTofani

Boom nah dah mmm nah dah heema!
Dah boom da da mmm dum na-eema!
Dah boom da da mmm dum na-eema!
– Jonathan Davis (Korn)

Nick’s Stories: Wet Leg at a Pizza Party / The Real Bologna

Nick’s Tweets

Nick’s Picks
From Kid Rock

From Keith


Questions from Twitter:

From Kendrick Lobstar

From Mike Bigby

From Malt_Skull

From Penjamin

From Isabel

From TOM

From Matt

From Jimi

BONUS! Tales of Nick’s Brother

Follow @onetricktofani and get his cool ass designs for sale HERE

Thanks Nick!

FOTS 023 @notabeanie vs James Corden

This week’s friend is a long time DM pal of mine and fellow Canadian, also she is originally from my University Town, so that is fun! She is currently out west studying and working hard to stay alive.

I’m talking about Annie she has many names, Anniebean, Beanbab, Beano, Beanbag, Sweet bean, Beanie Baby, Beans, Beanwich, Jelly Bean, Beanlet, Sweet Baby Bean, Bene. As a second choice, I have been known also to just respond to “Bean.”

“Always, I’d believed that the Spanish verb hablar meant “to have,” so that when one said “Sí, hablo español,” one was saying, “I have Spanish—I have command of the Spanish language.” Operating out of that misconception, I said to the handsome young Cubans, “No hablo Chiclets.” They smiled courteously.

Later, I learned that what I’d said was, of course, “I don’t speak Chiclets.”

At first I felt pretty dumb. But then I thought, “Well, it was an honest statement. I don’t speak Chiclets.”

Then I thought: “Why not?”

In the months since, I’ve been teaching myself to speak Chiclets. Let me tell you, it’s easier to speak Chiclets than to read or write it.”

– Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker

Annie’s Story: MY FULL AND TRUE VERSION of the time I met Bex in Seattle, The time James Corden and/or his staff DMed me on twitter

Annie’s Tweets:


OTher Tweets

From our pal Josh @notacroc

From Friend of the Show WILL

From Flannery

From Friend of the Show Danny @therealeatwood

Questions from Twitter

From Liz

From the lovely Bex

From Malt!

From Tom!

Thanks to Annie for joining me this week!

FOTS 022 @TheUnderfold reinvented

Friends of the Show Episode 22 with Brian Russell @TheUnderfold 9/25/2017

“Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something.” – Jake, Adventure Time

Brian is a talented artist and funny person, he has created The Underfold, a web comic that has been through several iterations over its years online. The latest version launched in January 2016 and follows Brian through his life raising a family.

You can support The Underfold HERE

Or Read the comics on The Underfold Website

And Be sure to check out his NEW Podcast about DnD: Awful Good @AwfulGoodCrew on Twitter or website

Brian’s Story:
PART I: How The Underfold Began (the naming and getting into webcomics)
PART II: Reinventing The Underfold (how I started using Twitter and refocused my efforts)

Brian’s Tweets:

Brian’s Picks:

From Ginger Hot Dish:

From Friend of the Show WILL:

From Boog!

Questions from Twitter:
From Friend of the Show Abby @AbbyCohenWL

From the Obscure Gentleman himself, Lord Goomba

From Darrel Troxel

Finally, from Paul Graves:

Thanks to Brian for joining me this week!

FOTS 016 @proxic0n joins Twitter, gets healthy

Friends of the Show with Eli @proxic0n

Eli has been a pal on Twitter for a few years now, he used to go by a different handle, he was @MarlonBrandNo for a while before settling on @proxic0n! He has always been funny and nice online so it is nice to have him on the show this week!

Eli’s Story: How I joined Twitter and got healthy

Eli’s Tweets

Eli’s picks
From Andrew Nadeau

From Cat Damon

From Herbie

Questions from Twitter

From the lovely SHIM

From SECOND Friend of the SHow Danny @therealeatwood

From Computer Cleric

From Trey Sploosks

From Kendrick Lobstar

From Adam Broud

Eli’s Wrap Up – what is he going to do with his life?

Eli’s Shoutouts: “Shout out to the Fucj den. I love all you guys. Special thanks to Ollie @ojedge for being the force that really pushed me over the edge to make this account. And Special thanks to Tanner @discofruit for inviting me to my first group DM and allowing to get to know all of these wonderful people”

Thanks to Eli for being the Friend of the Week!

FOTS 014 @Rachelle_Mandik can taste your voice

Friends of the Show Episode 014 with @Rachelle_Mandik!

“Te Occidere Possunt Sed Te Edere Non Possunt Nefas Est (‘They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are quite a bit dicier’)”. ―David Foster Wallace

Our first DFW Quote! That’s how you know our guest is a learned person of knowledge!

This week’s Friend of the Show is Rachelle (RAY-chel) Mandik (MAN-dick). Please, call her Ray.

I Was a fan of her funny tweets since pretty early on in my TwitterShe is a VERY funny person with some of the best tweets! So lucky to have her join us on the show!

Rachelle’s Stories! Well Traveled af!

a) “Einbreid Bru, or, How Easy It Is to Die in Iceland”
b) “Of Stolen Cameras and Horse Tranquilizers: The International Language of Barfing on the Side of the Road”

Rachelle’s Tweets

Rachelle’s Picks
From Friend of the Show Todd Williams

From Twitter Legend Dril

From the lovely Abby Cohen

Questions From Twitter
From FIRST FOTS Jess @jessokfine

From Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From some dude Pete?

From Tom Trombone

From Adam

From FOTS Mark Magark of Making Friends with Mark Magark @markedly @magarkpod Check out the crossover episode!

From FOTS Sarah Joy Shockey

Final Segment – GRAB BAG! Ray is passionate about too many things to just choose one. Music, art, travel, synesthesia, baked goods

I want to plug my husband Pete’s (@PeteMandik) RedBubble page, he’s just starting out with graphic design: Pete’s Red Bubble Page
I also want to plug my cello teacher, who is awesome and does lessons on Skype if you’re not local and want to study cello:
Online Cello Lessons!

Cool and very fun!

BOOK = Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace: “I’ve read it five times, you pantywaist. You can manage once.”
Infinite Jest on Amazon
FILM = Down by Law, by Jim Jarmusch: “I scream. You scream. We all scream. Because we’re in jail.”
Down by Law on Amazon
ITEM = Diaper cream applicator. “It’s not that you don’t want to touch your baby’s butt, it’s that you don’t want to fist a nearly empty jar of Butt Paste.”
Diaper Cream Applicator on Amazon

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