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Friends of the show 28 with Nick @theflans Flanagan

“I eat so many shrimp, I get iodine poisoning” – Pimp C, Sippin’ On Some Syrup

Nick Flanagan is a multi-talented and very funny human this guy does it all, I am talking writer, actor, comedian, punk rock frontman, he is also a podcast co-host, nice guy, the list goes on! Some credits – he wrote for ODD SQUAD! HE was in the indie film Diamond Tongues and more recently the indie film Sundowners! He was in a commercial with Shamwow guy! The SCHTICKY!

He is currently living in LA and performing comedy, livin’ it up comedy style- So very lucky to have Nick on the show, welcome Nick!

I broke my arm while singing for my band Brutal Knights at a bar in Montreal. Surgery had to be performed. It was intense!

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Write in from @jeffdsilva – Is Nick East Indian at all or just his chest hair?

Thanks so much to Nick for joining me this week!