FOTS 002 @therealeatwood and the duct tape shoes

(Friends of the Show episode 002 with Danny AKA REW @therealeatwood)

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“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
— Dorothy Parker

Our second show, our second Dorothy Parker Tweet – this proves Jess’ point from the first episode that she would have been great on Twitter.

Danny has been a friend of mine on Twitter for a couple of years now and he is one of the good and nice people that I’ve met online and wanted to share with you. We will get to some of his classic tweets later, but he also is an avid participant in many DM rooms and organizes contests and is a very well liked member of the community. I am very happy to have him this week.

Danny’s Story: Duct Tape Shoes – Danny tells us about a time where he got creative with footwear.

When Danny just started his account tweeting jokes I was already deep in the joke twitter game, he appeared on the scene and started interacting with tweets and other pals of mine and then we were added to a DM together and that was one of my first group DMs and it was a great way to get to know some of the best folks in the community.

Danny’s Favourite @therealeatwood Tweets:

Danny’s favourites from others:

From our Friend Jon @ArfMeasures

From Dave @T_N_Crumpets

From Elle Oh Hell @ElleOhHell

We reach out to our Twitter pals and ask if they have any questions for Danny:

From our friend the lovely Bexdora

A Follow up from another pal from the UK, Famous welshman Jeffwni asks

From our pal the lovely Mike Bigby (joke Q)

From our pal the lovely Mike Bigby (real Q)

From our pal Ghost Mom, @radtoria

Realeatwood truther @deadeverything asks

Our good friend Annie bean asks

Our pal Brian C Thayer who also asked a question for Jess thanks Brian! asks

Finally, from Abe M Bee:

Writing – Tweets don’t necessarily allow for long form writing, but you managed to write something that I think is very cool, I am talking of course about ‘the mario sonnet’ – a work of art that combines shakespeare and our favourite video game plumber brother.

Here’s a link to Margaret Atwood’s the Handmaid’s Tale at
The Handmaid’s Tale

Thank you so much to Danny @therealeatwood please give him a follow!

Thank you so much for listening and checking out the show!