FOTS 003 @Prof_Hinkley will just floss tomorrow

(EPISODE 003 of the Friends of the Show Podcast)

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“Don’t Mistake Activity for Achievement.” – John Wooden

Hello! Welcome to episode three, the third episode with my guest Travis AKA @Prof_Hinkley on Twitter!

I am very happy to have Travis on this week’s show, he is without a doubt one of the most interesting people I know online. We have a very nice chat about fun stuff on Twitter and he tells some fun tales and isn’t afraid to mix it up with some light razzing of his friends.

Travis’ Four Stories
Getting my car intentionally run into by crazy lady at school
Trying to outrun the sheriff on motorcycle
Meeting my wife and having both kids born during the song Days go by

Travis’ Favourite @Prof_Hinkley Tweets

Travis Favourite Tweets:
From @David8Hughes

From Kyle McDowell86

From Dan Obrien

We asked Twitter to give us some questions and boy did Twitter do that

From our good pal Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From our good friend Annie Bean @notabeanie

From our first episode’s guest @jessokfine Hi Jess!

A Floss thing – care to explain before we get into these? Travis tweeted “I’ll just floss tomorrow” every day for a long, long time.

I saved this question to the end because it will take some explaining:

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Thanks to Travis @Prof_Hinkley for joining me this week!

Please Follow everyone mentioned on Twitter, it’s very good stuff.

Thank YOU for listening!