FOTS 40 @Ygrene has Energy

Friends of the Show Episode 40 with @Ygrene!

“Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur and also a bad guy in the Steven Segal classic Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Bad Guy – Travis Dane played by Eric Bogosian)

Billy is one of the funniest and also nicest folks who do jokes on Twitter, he is beloved in many circles and I am very lucky to have him join me this week!

Story: National Lampoon’s Costa Rican vacation

Tweets of Billy!

My Pick:

Tweet picks:

Questions from Twitter!

From FOTS @LeBearGirdle

From FOTS Kevin

From Ally

From Tom

From Will

From MattMc

From D Duh

FOTS 37 @Dave_Cactus and the sign

Friends of the Show Episode 37 with Dave @Dave_Cactus!

“Who controls the past
Controls the future
Who controls the present
Controls the past”

Oceania Tis for Thee

What can we say about Dave Cactus? A Truly nice and great person whom loves to joke online. This guy does it all and is a great friend to many of us in the twitter joke community. In his hometown he is a legend and they have painted a gigantic mural of Dave to commemorate his greatness, I am so very happy to be talking to him today welcome Dave!

Dave’s background: Was a huge money millionaire during the tech boom, owns classic cars, lives a life of pure luxury and jokes online.

Dave’s Story: Dave Barry Burned Me!

Dave’s Tweets:

MY Pick:

Dave’s Picks:
“I’d love to reenact this tweet if I could ever find a big enough vat, and some way to simulate the mashed potatoes so I don’t ruin a large amount of food.”

“This Rob Elliott tweet is, of course, a classic. Ever since I took the sign to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, imitators have popped up everywhere”

Questions from Twitter:

Question from Dave for Next Guest:

Final Segment – Makin’ Friends with Dave Cactus:

FOTS 35 @SteveVsNinjas the outdoorsman adventurer

Friends of the Show episode 35 with @SteveVSNinjas

“Later, he was to decide that Andrew’s life had been fractally weird. That is, you could take any small piece of it and examine it in detail and it, in and of itself, would turn out to be just as complicated and weird as the whole thing in its entirety.”
― Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

Steve is a very funny and nice Twitterer and is pals with all the cool people online. I love a good name sake on the podcast even if he spells it incorrectly.

Steve’s Story: Never Trust an Optimistic Mountaineer
My friend Glenn is a super positive person, but when I go climbing with him, when things go wrong, his never give up attitude leads us to trouble, like the first time, when we went climbing at Smith Rock State Park.

Talking Twitter:

Ask a question for next weeks guest: “If you could go anyplace and live there for ONE YEAR, where would that be and why”

Steve’s Tweets:

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Questions from Twitter:

About the Ninjas:

Thanks so much to Steve for joining me this week!

Tune in next week for another episode!

FOTS 32 @FeelingEuphoric and her ukuleles!

Friends of the Show Episode 32 with Madeline @FeelingEuphoric

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
-Sylvia Plath; The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Madeline is a very lovely person who I have only recently got to know via some online interactions and I was immediately a fan, she does it all, funny jokes! Fun contests and interactions! Great songs and fun interpretations of tweets in video form, and great art as in visual art! that’s why she’s now one of my favourite people and I am so lucky to have her on the podcast, welcome Rads!

Madeline’s Stories:

Madeline and the No-Good, Very Bad Christmas Adventure

Madeline and the Criminal Christmas Carols

Madd’s Tweets:

My pick

Madd’s Picks:

I hear a faint clattering must be a question From The Beest!

From Jillian K

From TOM

From Mads 2


From Leanna

From LAHMAH in a tux

Finally from FOTS Abby

SEGMENT: Stand up Comedy!


Mads Designed a T SHIRT!

Here’s the video of the song!
Madds Covers Wilco!

FOTS 31 @NamestartswithZ and the Torn conspiracy

Friends of the show Episode 31 with Zach @NamestartswithZ

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” -Charles Schulz

Zach is a very cool young fun dude who does funny tweets online and is a good guy! I am very happy to have him joining me this week.

Zach’s Story: The Teleporting Russian Sketch Artist

Zach’s Tweet


Zach’s Picks:



Questions from Twitter

Neighbor Ron Segment!

NEW! MYSTERY SEGMENT: The TRUE Meaning behind Natalie Imbruglia’s song ‘Torn’

And that’s what’s going on

Thanks so much to Zach for joining me this week!

FOTS 27 @panmidwest is very nice indeed

Friends of the Show episode 27 with Kevin @panmidwest!

“One doesn’t realize in early life that the price of freedom is loneliness. To be happy is to be tied.”
-C.S. Lewis in The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy

Kevin is a very funny twitter fellow and nice person! He burst on to the scene about a year ago and has been killing it, just great stuff all the time. He does a regular tweet call Mustache Mondays, we’ll get into why the ‘stache is a key part of the panmidwest brand later. Welcome Kevin!

Kevin’s Story
1. Hitchhiking in Zambia at Midnight — my friend got malaria and was hospitalized so we wanted to make sure he had someone stay with him overnight in the hospital. Finding our way there was a challenge.

2. I never expected to be tear gassed — relaxing at a cafe in Podgorica, Montenegro on a Saturday was suddenly interrupted by tear gas.

3. “Theresa” — when my neighbor broke up with her boyfriend, my roommate and i had to help her keep him away. until we realized she was stretching the truth about his antics

Kevin’s Tweets

Kevin’s Picks

Questions from Twitter
From Kevin

From James

From Isabel

From Todd


From Cyborg


From Guy Incognito

From NickenDrumsticks

From FOTS Mike Bigby

From suggy

From Brandon

From Jillian Karger

From MAddy


Thanks to Kevin for joining me

FOTS 016 @proxic0n joins Twitter, gets healthy

Friends of the Show with Eli @proxic0n

Eli has been a pal on Twitter for a few years now, he used to go by a different handle, he was @MarlonBrandNo for a while before settling on @proxic0n! He has always been funny and nice online so it is nice to have him on the show this week!

Eli’s Story: How I joined Twitter and got healthy

Eli’s Tweets

Eli’s picks
From Andrew Nadeau

From Cat Damon

From Herbie

Questions from Twitter

From the lovely SHIM

From SECOND Friend of the SHow Danny @therealeatwood

From Computer Cleric

From Trey Sploosks

From Kendrick Lobstar

From Adam Broud

Eli’s Wrap Up – what is he going to do with his life?

Eli’s Shoutouts: “Shout out to the Fucj den. I love all you guys. Special thanks to Ollie @ojedge for being the force that really pushed me over the edge to make this account. And Special thanks to Tanner @discofruit for inviting me to my first group DM and allowing to get to know all of these wonderful people”

Thanks to Eli for being the Friend of the Week!

FOTS 013 @sarahjoyshockey loves wrestling

Friends of the Show with Sarah Joy Shockey

Friends of the Show Episode 013 with @sarahjoyshockey

“To breathe and know you are alive is wonderful. Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nat Han

My Friend this week is Sarah Joy Shockey! Truly one of the most delightful people I have encountered on Twitter. She DOES IT ALL! Sarah Writes stories, performs comedy, co-hosts Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling, makes little drawings that are great.

Check out her Podcast! She did the theme music which is great! IS there anything she can’t do?! @MartySarahPod on Twitter.

Check out her writing on Medium

I love her cue card art stories, I recommend this one, called Silence

Sarah’s story is gonna be a tearjerker with the title “Sad By The Water”

Sarah’s favourite Tweets

Sarahs picks

From the OFT mentioned Sky @iamspacegirl

From Hilarious Cullen Crawford

From Comedian Mark Agee


From our pal Nick – please check out the drawing he did of Friend of the show Travis

From Nick again

From FOTS Alumni Gwen Lawson

From FOTS Alumni Malt_Skull

From Friend of the Show Timmy

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PRO WRESTLING SEGMENT! Steve and Sarah Wrestled (simulation) and we have a clip of the commentary.

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and check out her Podcast Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling on iTunes
@martysarahpod on twitter and Instagram AND

FOTS 011 the great @trojansauce robbery

Friends of the Show Episode 011 Tom @trojansauce


“It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but we’ll do it anyway cause we love a bit of trouble” – Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys, “Balaclava”)

Tom is @trojansauce on twitter

Tom is one of the funniest dudes on Twitter, also, he has a gruff and mean persona online, but I found out that he is really a nice guy after all. We talk about having fun on Twitter, the time Tom wrote a novel for his Dad, and he reads an excerpt from some of his writing!

GET TOM’S E-BOOK HERE: The Murder of Jed Lombardo

Tom’s Story: “Robbery” or as some English people call it: “Blagging”

Tom’s Favourite @trojansauce Tweets

Tom’s Favourite other people Tweets

Questions from Twitter

And of COURSE the FINAL Question comes from none other than Mike Bigby @MikeBigby

He asks: “Tom will you do me the honour of meeting up with me for a beer?” Tune in to see what Tom says!

Also, we get to the bottom of the Mike Bigby feud.

WOW Thanks for all your questions please follow @FOTSPod on twitter to send a question to a future guest!

WRAP UP – TOM is an author and will perform a piece and we shall discuss.

GET TOM’S BOOK HERE: The Murder of Jed Lombardo

OR Tom really wants to talk about this band and his tattoo, so go on tell us then.

Also – I made up a way to sound like you’re doing an english insult. Any synonym for ‘complete’ and any inanimate object, preferably two syllables each.

ie. complete, utter, absolute, outright, total, wholesale, straight out
object: puddle, mouse pad, dishrag, lamppost, object, mop, shoe lace

Shoutouts to @Dave_Cactus, @RockyMomax, @Markedly and @MagarkPod, @TheToddWilliams,

FOTS 007 @MikeBigby and The Eagles of Death Metal

Friends of the Show Episode 007 with Bigby … @MikeBigby

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“The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts.” – Dog the Bounty Hunter

This week’s guest is a lovely English gent Mike Bigby. I haven’t known Mike too long but some things I do know about Mike, he has a beard, plays guitar and writes music and is quite funny in written form as well as performed, as he had good Vines on the deceased platform for short videos.

Mikes Story: “The Eagles of Death Metal”

Mike’s Tweets:

Great Tweets by Others chosen by Mike (Mike sent too many so I had to cut some, apologies to Kyle McDowell, Sky, AbbyCohen, JB Johnson, Ollu Munster, No the Other Jon and Steven W Skinner- your tweets will NOT be read, but still follow these people online.

By pal of the show @radtoria

From Tom! @trojansauce

From LEgendary Comedian and Writer Harris Wittels, Rest in Peace Harris

Check out Harris Wittels Stuff here:
AV Club
Aziz Memorial Blog
Mikes Vines – send the link to the compilation of your vines

Here’s a nice thing someone said about Mike’s Vine

Questions from Twitter

From our Friend of the Show Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From Friend of the Show Bex @Bexdora

From David Hughes

From Ally Gator @notacroc

From BEn @VanGoBot

From pal of the show Rudy Mustang

This can of worms is From Tom @trojansauce

Finally, close your ears for this one grandma

From Friend of the Show Todd @TheToddWilliams

Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Podcasts Review with Mike and Steven!

Thanks to Mike Bigby for joining us and having fun online.