FOTS 013 @sarahjoyshockey loves wrestling

Friends of the Show with Sarah Joy Shockey

Friends of the Show Episode 013 with @sarahjoyshockey

“To breathe and know you are alive is wonderful. Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nat Han

My Friend this week is Sarah Joy Shockey! Truly one of the most delightful people I have encountered on Twitter. She DOES IT ALL! Sarah Writes stories, performs comedy, co-hosts Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling, makes little drawings that are great.

Check out her Podcast! She did the theme music which is great! IS there anything she can’t do?! @MartySarahPod on Twitter.

Check out her writing on Medium

I love her cue card art stories, I recommend this one, called Silence

Sarah’s story is gonna be a tearjerker with the title “Sad By The Water”

Sarah’s favourite Tweets

Sarahs picks

From the OFT mentioned Sky @iamspacegirl

From Hilarious Cullen Crawford

From Comedian Mark Agee


From our pal Nick – please check out the drawing he did of Friend of the show Travis

From Nick again

From FOTS Alumni Gwen Lawson

From FOTS Alumni Malt_Skull

From Friend of the Show Timmy

Thank you everyone who submitted questions and please follow @FOTSPod on Twitter and have your question read on a future show.

PRO WRESTLING SEGMENT! Steve and Sarah Wrestled (simulation) and we have a clip of the commentary.

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Read her writing on Medium

and check out her Podcast Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling on iTunes
@martysarahpod on twitter and Instagram AND

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  1. WHOA! Thanks to @SarahJoyShockey for being a great Friend of the Show! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and check out her writing on!

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