FOTS 38 Ben @benicus_rex and the Robots

Friends of the Show Episode 38 with Ben @benicus_rex

“Therefore / We now ask you, the actors / Of our time – a time of changes and of boundless mastery / Of all nature, even men’s own – at last / To change yourselves and show us mankind’s world / As it really is: made by men and open to their improvements.” – Bertolt Brecht, “Address to Danish Working-Class Actors”

Ben is a very nice and fun Twitter cat, whom love being online! Ben really loves animals and is very smart judging by the PhD and the dissertation that I tried to read! He is a great caption guy, many of his tweets are fun pix w great captions. Very happy to have him join me for this very special MORNING EPISODE of Friends of the Show, welcome Ben!

History of Ben – tell us about yourself, I need all the background up to the story, anything that would help us get to know you- then we will get to the PhD dissertation at the end of the show.


The Tweets!

Ben’s Tweets:

My Pick:

Ben’s Picks:

Questions from Twitter:
FIRST – From previous week’s guest @Dave_Cactus: If you were in a car, driving the speed of light – and you turned on your headlights, would anything happen?

From FOTS numero uno JESSOKFINE!

From FOTS Timmy!

From Thomas Brendel


From BEN (BUN)

VERY SPECIAL WRITE IN Question from TOM @trojansauce

1- Who the hell do you think you are?
2- Mackerel or Haddock?

Finally, From RADS!

FOTS 35 @SteveVsNinjas the outdoorsman adventurer

Friends of the Show episode 35 with @SteveVSNinjas

“Later, he was to decide that Andrew’s life had been fractally weird. That is, you could take any small piece of it and examine it in detail and it, in and of itself, would turn out to be just as complicated and weird as the whole thing in its entirety.”
― Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

Steve is a very funny and nice Twitterer and is pals with all the cool people online. I love a good name sake on the podcast even if he spells it incorrectly.

Steve’s Story: Never Trust an Optimistic Mountaineer
My friend Glenn is a super positive person, but when I go climbing with him, when things go wrong, his never give up attitude leads us to trouble, like the first time, when we went climbing at Smith Rock State Park.

Talking Twitter:

Ask a question for next weeks guest: “If you could go anyplace and live there for ONE YEAR, where would that be and why”

Steve’s Tweets:

My pick:

Steve’s Picks:

Questions from Twitter:

About the Ninjas:

Thanks so much to Steve for joining me this week!

Tune in next week for another episode!

FOTS 30 @AndrewNadeau0 vs the attic

Friends of the Show Episode 30 with Andrew Nadeau @AndrewNadeau0

“If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.” – Aaron Sorkin (on his show Sports Night)

Andrew is an exceptionally funny tweeter and person! Currently out of Chicago, one of the funnier cities in the USA, he always is posting great tweets, getting featured in all the good lists and getting quote RT’d by all kinds of celebs!

Andrew’s Story – The Time I Fell Through My Attic, Or: I Flirted Terribly in an Emergency Helicopter

Bonus Story – Bad Camping and Bed Bugs

Andrew’s Tweets

Andrew’s Picks

Questions from Twitter
From Maddy @FeelingEuphoric

From LAAHMUH in a tux

From Caitlin

From FOTS Timmy Toes!

From FOTS KEvin @panmidwest

From YAB CAT @ohen39
How are you this funny? Can you prove that there aren’t three different groups of talented writers behind your account?

Thanks so much to Andrew for joining me this week!

FOTS 27 @panmidwest is very nice indeed

Friends of the Show episode 27 with Kevin @panmidwest!

“One doesn’t realize in early life that the price of freedom is loneliness. To be happy is to be tied.”
-C.S. Lewis in The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy

Kevin is a very funny twitter fellow and nice person! He burst on to the scene about a year ago and has been killing it, just great stuff all the time. He does a regular tweet call Mustache Mondays, we’ll get into why the ‘stache is a key part of the panmidwest brand later. Welcome Kevin!

Kevin’s Story
1. Hitchhiking in Zambia at Midnight — my friend got malaria and was hospitalized so we wanted to make sure he had someone stay with him overnight in the hospital. Finding our way there was a challenge.

2. I never expected to be tear gassed — relaxing at a cafe in Podgorica, Montenegro on a Saturday was suddenly interrupted by tear gas.

3. “Theresa” — when my neighbor broke up with her boyfriend, my roommate and i had to help her keep him away. until we realized she was stretching the truth about his antics

Kevin’s Tweets

Kevin’s Picks

Questions from Twitter
From Kevin

From James

From Isabel

From Todd


From Cyborg


From Guy Incognito

From NickenDrumsticks

From FOTS Mike Bigby

From suggy

From Brandon

From Jillian Karger

From MAddy


Thanks to Kevin for joining me

FOTS 023 @notabeanie vs James Corden

This week’s friend is a long time DM pal of mine and fellow Canadian, also she is originally from my University Town, so that is fun! She is currently out west studying and working hard to stay alive.

I’m talking about Annie she has many names, Anniebean, Beanbab, Beano, Beanbag, Sweet bean, Beanie Baby, Beans, Beanwich, Jelly Bean, Beanlet, Sweet Baby Bean, Bene. As a second choice, I have been known also to just respond to “Bean.”

“Always, I’d believed that the Spanish verb hablar meant “to have,” so that when one said “Sí, hablo español,” one was saying, “I have Spanish—I have command of the Spanish language.” Operating out of that misconception, I said to the handsome young Cubans, “No hablo Chiclets.” They smiled courteously.

Later, I learned that what I’d said was, of course, “I don’t speak Chiclets.”

At first I felt pretty dumb. But then I thought, “Well, it was an honest statement. I don’t speak Chiclets.”

Then I thought: “Why not?”

In the months since, I’ve been teaching myself to speak Chiclets. Let me tell you, it’s easier to speak Chiclets than to read or write it.”

– Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker

Annie’s Story: MY FULL AND TRUE VERSION of the time I met Bex in Seattle, The time James Corden and/or his staff DMed me on twitter

Annie’s Tweets:


OTher Tweets

From our pal Josh @notacroc

From Friend of the Show WILL

From Flannery

From Friend of the Show Danny @therealeatwood

Questions from Twitter

From Liz

From the lovely Bex

From Malt!

From Tom!

Thanks to Annie for joining me this week!

FOTS 010 @Home_Halfway died (but he is okay now)

Friends of the Show Podcast Episode 010 with Michael @Home_Halfway


Michael AKA @Home_Halfway on Twitter is a HUGELY popular account with over 50K followers! So I really appreciate him slumming it with some of us smaller joke twitter accounts. I have got to know him more recently in some DM rooms, one that he very graciously invited me into, with several very nice folks.
but I have always known about Home_Halfway account on Twitter, just one of those huge accounts that’s always been popular. turns out that’s Michael – a very nice fellow who loves promoting others within the Twitter community, and that’s just nice.

“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.” ~ Britney Spears

Michael is from Chicago, Illinois, USA- home of The Bulls Dynasty, Gang violence, a good Improv and Stand up scene, hot dogs, pizza, Oprah.

STORY: “Hey, I Died Once” Michael shares with us the time he had experimental surgery gone wrong, where he died for a few minutes and came back to fall into a coma and pull through!

TWEETS by Michael

Michael picks his favourite Tweets by Others:

From cool Twitter user Ted Travelstead @trumpetcake

From Jessica Fox @hellojessicafox

From Max Dylan Ash @mynameisntdave

Questions from Twitter:

From Friend of the Show @Malt_Skull

From the aforementioned Jessica Fox @hellojessicafox

From NOT Neil Degrasse Tyson

From Friend of the Show Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From Friend of the Show Todd Williams @TheToddWilliams

From our favourite question asker- Space Cat @catstronomical

Thank you Michael for joining me this week!

FOTS 009 @Malt_Skull and the gross mossy pit

Friends of the Show with @Malt_Skull

Follow @Malt_Skull on Twitter

Malty AKA @Malt_Skull on Twitter is one of my good international friends who I have had the pleasure of meeting through DM rooms and is one of the funniest guys out here, fun absurd and great tweets, especially for someone who is tweeting in their second language- because Malt is FINNISH! Welcome to the show Malt!

“Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang” -Da Mystery of Chessboxing – Wu-Tang Clan

STORY: The Story of the Gross Mossy Pit

Malt’s favourite Malt Skull TWEETS:
This beauty about a witch, which has been illustrated by a really good illustrator! This has also become a tumblr meme with over 180K Notes on it, ah jeez internet!

This scathing take on CAPITALISM!

BONUS! MY favourite Malt Tweet:

Malt’s favourite tweets from OTHERS:
From lovely English gentleman @StephenJMolloy

From lovely funny english gentleman @PhilMann

From Friend of the Show @therealeatwood

BONUS Tweet from DEAD account Tree_Bro

From Friend of the show and host of the Making Friends podcast, Mark Magark @markedly

From Friend of the Show Mike Bigby @MikeBigby

From Friend of the Show Bex @Bexdora

From Friend of the Show Annie Bean @notabeanie

From friend of the Show Will @upsidedowntrash

From pal of the show @Druuuck

Finally, from Twitter user @economybacon

Thanks everyone who submitted a question, to have your question asked on a future episode please follow @FOTSPod on Twitter and watch for calls for questions.

Malt is from Finland – what are the things about Finland we should know?
Let’s talk about the horse game you found!
(Link to the horse game)

Finnish Language Lesson – three key phrases we should know:
1- Where is the bathroom?
2- HEllo, my name is Steven W Skinner
3- Yes, I killed them, I murdered them all and they deserved it!

Recommendations and Shoutouts:

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FOTS 007 @MikeBigby and The Eagles of Death Metal

Friends of the Show Episode 007 with Bigby … @MikeBigby

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“The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts.” – Dog the Bounty Hunter

This week’s guest is a lovely English gent Mike Bigby. I haven’t known Mike too long but some things I do know about Mike, he has a beard, plays guitar and writes music and is quite funny in written form as well as performed, as he had good Vines on the deceased platform for short videos.

Mikes Story: “The Eagles of Death Metal”

Mike’s Tweets:

Great Tweets by Others chosen by Mike (Mike sent too many so I had to cut some, apologies to Kyle McDowell, Sky, AbbyCohen, JB Johnson, Ollu Munster, No the Other Jon and Steven W Skinner- your tweets will NOT be read, but still follow these people online.

By pal of the show @radtoria

From Tom! @trojansauce

From LEgendary Comedian and Writer Harris Wittels, Rest in Peace Harris

Check out Harris Wittels Stuff here:
AV Club
Aziz Memorial Blog
Mikes Vines – send the link to the compilation of your vines

Here’s a nice thing someone said about Mike’s Vine

Questions from Twitter

From our Friend of the Show Timmy @TheTimmyToes

From Friend of the Show Bex @Bexdora

From David Hughes

From Ally Gator @notacroc

From BEn @VanGoBot

From pal of the show Rudy Mustang

This can of worms is From Tom @trojansauce

Finally, close your ears for this one grandma

From Friend of the Show Todd @TheToddWilliams

Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Podcasts Review with Mike and Steven!

Thanks to Mike Bigby for joining us and having fun online.

FOTS 005 @upsidedowntrash and the chicken sandwich dilemma

Friends of the Show Episode 005 with @upsidedowntrash AKA Penjamin AKA WILL

Friends of the Show Podcast
Follow Will on Twitter

“I wonder if there’s beer on the sun.” -Zap Rowsdower, “The Final Sacrifice” (1990)

Penjamin (@upsidedowntrash) also known as Will, is one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve met through Twitter. Some of his wildly successful tweets are just the best, and he has managed to find fun and unique ways to keep twitter interesting. He took a hiatus and the community missed him too much and demanded that he return. Now he’s back and better than ever, ladies and gentleman, welcome our very favourite space raccoon, WILL!


Get to know Will: Origin of the name Penjamin

Story: “Chicken Sandwich Dilemma” Will shares a time when he was faced with the ultimate decision, and makes a bold, unpredictable choice.

Will’s favourite @upsidedowntrash Tweets:

Will’s fave tweets from others:
From the lovely and talented Sky

I must add here, Will and Sky are a great Twitter team, they sometimes run contests and even alt accounts!

From the inimitable @buttsword who is a bird

and from future friend of the show Mark Magark @Markedly this is one of my faves of all time too

Other things Will is doing on twitter:

Music Thread is awesome – also available as a spotify playlist right from the tweet link here

Saves the Day, Brand New, Get Up Kids, Flaming Lips, Moneen,

We discuss friendly back n forth with twitter celebs like Mark Hoppus and Lin Manuel Miranda, names are dropped.

I think its nuts First Day at Hotel California didn’t make it on the list

Q’s for WILL FROM TWITTER: Broke the record for most questions asked but you’re only the fourth guest so that’s not too huge.

From our pal Mark Magark @markedly check out his new podcast, Making Friends with Mark Magark @MagarkPod on Twitter – Will do you know anything about this podcast? WILL DID THE ARTWORK for the podcast because he is multi talented.
He asks:

Our pal The Hype (@thehyyype) asks

Pale Space Rider @truegritrumble asks:

From the aforementioned Spacegirl Incognito @iamspacegirl

From Space Cat! The very nice and funny Sarah @catstronomical


From our very own Wilde Beest friend @flashember

Dean Thomson asks @deanjthompson

Now the fun ones:
From Friend of the Show @jessokfine

UPDATE (Watch the entire thread):

From our pal Todd @TheToddWilliams

from Dorsal Stream RM:

From Danny @dundlewood

From Abe M BEe @dubiousrhetoric

From our pal Ally Gator @notacroc

Thank you everyone for your questions!!

Thanks Will!!

FOTS 004 @Bexdora and a glass of Raymond

Friends of the Show Podcast Episode 006 with @Bexdora

Bex is a lovely and charming Englishwoman from London, in the United Kingdom of the UK, formerly of European Union, I have been acquainted with her for a while, she is simply a nice person who is fun to know online.

Friends of the Show Podcast
Follow Bex on Twitter

“Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.” Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times

STORY “Reggae Dance Champion & a glass of Raymond.”

Bex’s favourite tweets by @Bexdora

Bex Favourite tweets by others

This classic from @PhilMann

This classic from our own Wilde Beest friend @flashember

This classic from Rachelle Mandik @Rachelle_Mandik

QUESTIONS submitted to Bex via @FOTSPod on Twitter

From our beloved friend Malt Skull

From Bex’s close friend, Barbara Kennedy

Barbara actually asks TWO super inside joke questions:

1st – What should you do when you are no longer able to fight this feeling?

2nd – Was Ethelred the unready directly responsible for the french revolution?

OK! That was fun!

Final Question from good friend of the show, Space Cat –

Sorry to those who’s questions I missed, will definitely get them next time!

Bex Recommends:

o BOOK = “Animal – The Autobiography of a Female Body” by Sara Pascoe. A very well researched, funny & interesting book from comedian Sara Pascoe, who I would very much like to hug now. It’s written from the perspective of a woman – because Sara is one – but I’d recommend it to men & women alike.

o AUDIO = “John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, Series 6”. John Finnemore is one of my favourite things on the radio. This is the latest series of his Souvenir Programme, of which I own every series & will listen to them again & again. I believe his style of comedy will appeal to anyone who appreciates a bit of “weird” Twitter. “Cabin Pressure” & “Double Acts” are among his other triumphs.

o FILM = “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for Sci-Fi & Super Hero films, but this is my go-to pick-me-up DVD. It never fails to make me laugh, even when I’m sure I’ve seen it too many times.

Huge thanks to Bex @Bexdora for joining me this week!

Next week we have Will @upsidedowntrash!

Join us again, won’t you?