FOTS 007 @MikeBigby and The Eagles of Death Metal

Friends of the Show Episode 007 with Bigby … @MikeBigby

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“The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts.” – Dog the Bounty Hunter

This week’s guest is a lovely English gent Mike Bigby. I haven’t known Mike too long but some things I do know about Mike, he has a beard, plays guitar and writes music and is quite funny in written form as well as performed, as he had good Vines on the deceased platform for short videos.

Mikes Story: “The Eagles of Death Metal”

Mike’s Tweets:

Great Tweets by Others chosen by Mike (Mike sent too many so I had to cut some, apologies to Kyle McDowell, Sky, AbbyCohen, JB Johnson, Ollu Munster, No the Other Jon and Steven W Skinner- your tweets will NOT be read, but still follow these people online.

By pal of the show @radtoria

From Tom! @trojansauce

From LEgendary Comedian and Writer Harris Wittels, Rest in Peace Harris

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Here’s a nice thing someone said about Mike’s Vine

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This can of worms is From Tom @trojansauce

Finally, close your ears for this one grandma

From Friend of the Show Todd @TheToddWilliams

Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Podcasts Review with Mike and Steven!

Thanks to Mike Bigby for joining us and having fun online.