FOTS 008 @MsGwenL and the mouse

(EPISODE 008 of the Friends of the Show Podcast)

Gwen Lawson

I am very happy to welcome the lovely and talented Gwen Lawson on the show this week!

Read her writing on Gwen’s Gwebsite

Gwen’s Story: “A mouse in me flat”

Gwen’s Tweets

Gwen’s Picks
From Friend of the Show Jess @jessokfine

From Ray @SirEviscerate

From Alexa @thewoodenslurpy

QUESTIONS FROM TWITTER and be sure to follow @FOTSpod to submit a question and hear it asked on a future episode! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a question.

From Friend of the Show BEX @Bexdora

From Friend of the Show Jess @jessokfine

From our pal Alexa

From True Friend of the Show Timmy @theTimmyToes

From Hazel Moats

From Future Friend of the Show, Author Eileen Curtright asks

Gwen recommends:

Foam Roller

Euphoria by Lily King

Odd Object

Thanks so much to Gwen for joining me this week, please follow her on Twitter and have a great one!